George Segal Meets the One Act Play


During the Fall semester of 2010, students in Mrs. Anderson’s English class and Miss. Wolfgang’s Sculpture class joined forces in the collaboration on an assignment featuring George Segal. Mrs. Anderson’s students had just finished their unit on one act plays and the sculpture students were set out to create a model of a human form, both aspects were to be linked to the work of George Segal. 

George Segal was an artist who worked primarily with the plaster figure.  He laid plaster gauze on individuals in order to create a model of a human form.  Segal then placed these human forms in situations that are identifiable by everyday people (a park bench, a bus stop, etc.).  He labeled the works, but let the viewers interpret the sculptures based on their own experiences.

To learn more about George Segal, visit his foundation website:

Couple against a Grey Brick Wall (1986)

George Segal

The task: 

How can students bring the work of George Segal to their atmosphere and create a sculpture that members of their student body may relate to?

The collaborative project contained two parts: The sculpture (art) and the one act play (English). 

Students from both classes were broken into groups as they met for a brainstorming session.  Students within their groups collaborated on ways in which they could bring the work of George Segal to their school.  Students brainstormed the setting and circumstance for their sculpture that would be identifiable by students in Central York High School.

    -a student slumped outside of the discipline office without an ID

    -a student placed outside of the nurses’ office with their agenda in hand

    -a student who was made into a marionette

As the project went underway, the students worked within their respective classes and with the addition of various meeting times used to collaborate with their adjoining groups.  Students evaluated each others’ work, offered suggestions on improvement and enjoyed witnessing the many aspects to each part of the process.

The sculptures now adorn our school in their intended settings.  On the sculptures you will find one additional piece, which should be an ID.  ID’s are very much a part of our student population and identifiable with the students of Central York High School.

The student photographs on the ID’s are left as silhouettes, encouraging students to identify with the sculpture.  The name is substituted with the title of the work and beneath it lies the names of the student artists.  Along the bottom of the ID, you will find a short URL that will bring you to this site.  A QR code is also found on the ID, and when scanned by a mobile device, access to this site will be gained.  For more information on QR Codes, access the following website:

We welcome you to the site and encourage your exploration of the plaster sculptures as well as the student plays.

A Collaborative Project